“I had a sclerotherapy treatment with Angie. She is great. I am so happy I found Dr. Hammond and her professional, caring staff.”

~ Catherine


Sclerotherapy is the treatment of spider veins. Spider veins are like varicose veins but smaller. They also are closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins. Often, they are red or blue. They can look like tree branches or spider webs with their short, jagged lines. They can be found on the legs and face and can cover either a very small or very large area of skin.


Spider veins are diagnosed at your initial visit with Dr. Hammond or our nurse practitioner, Mandi. Spider veins are identified by visual inspection. An ultrasound is also preformed to rule out any underlying venous insufficiency. If venous insufficiency is identified, spider vein treatment should be postponed until the venous insufficiency is treated. If the underlying venous insufficiency is not treated first then spider vein treatment is usually not successful.

Specialized Treatment

Specialized Vein Care uses injection sclerotherapy to treat spider veins. We treat one leg at a time in most cases. We start at the foot and ankle, injecting visible veins as we work our way up to the thigh. In one treatment session the practitioner may inject 30-200 times. The stocking is pulled up the leg incrementally to provide immediate compression. Injection sclerotherapy is performed in our office by Dr. Hammond and Angie, MA. Combined, Specialized Vein Care has more than 30 years of experience in treating cosmetic spider veins. You should plan to be here for about 1 hour. No anesthetic is needed, you are able to drive yourself to and from your appointment and return to normal activities immediately.

The solutions used to treat spider veins at Specialized Vein Care are Polidocinol and Glycerin. Both solutions cause the vein wall to become irritated and this process is what causes the vein to close. The vein is eventually absorbed by the body.

Sclerotherapy is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not normally covered by insurance. It is considered an “out of pocket” expense and must be paid in full at each visit. The cost of sclerotherapy can range from $200.00 to $475.00 per treatment, based on the amount of sclerosant used.